New Compounds Search Engine is now online! Search by chemical structure, IDs or combination of advanced parameters. SOURCE OF CHEMICAL REAGENTS FOR RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT

Vitas-M Laboratory, Ltd is one of the biggest vendors of research reagents.

Our collection is about 1 400 000 individual molecules which are available for Quick purchase. We are on the market since 1998.

We supply you with novel organic compounds for pharmaceutical and agrochemical research and development.

You can purchase from us small molecule chemical compounds for high-throughput screening and organic building blocks for combinatorial chemistry.

These substances are available for searching and ordering in our on-line search engine.

Select scaffolds from our collection to synthesize lead-like mini-libraries (Azalea project).

If you are in medicinal chemistry area take a look at collection of Fragments (chemical substances passed through "Rule of 3" and other special filters)  (Allium Project).

If you are looking for special libraries of compounds for your research, we offer diversity and targeted libraries. They are calculated using modern computational algorithms, which allows to optimize efficiency and reduce potential complications of research process.

All compounds can be delivered in any format including mg, micromole, dry powder, DMSO solution, dry film.