Chemical compounds for High-Throughput screening and
Building Blocks for Combinatorial chemistry

Collection: Allium, collection of Fragments complied on the basis of Rule 3 (Molecular weight < 300, ClogP < 3, the number of hydrogen bond donors <3, the number of hydrogen bond acceptors < 3) and other proprietary filters.

Description: Stock of Fragments for FBDO.

Sample: 1 mg-100 mg in various formats including mg, mcmol, sets, DMSO solution, dry film.

Molecules to select: Download free access collection of Fragments available for immediate delivery.

Delivery: Courier service (UPS, DHL, FedEX, TNT) . Feel free to provide us with your own customer account in any of the courier service. Structural data (SD file), packing details (xls. File) are provided along with each package.